We are creating a collective foresight platform to generate insight on emerging technologies.

Our methodology identifies publicly disclosed technologies using expert, crowd and mathematical intelligence.

Data is compiled in real time and shared with partners of the platform. 



Public Partner Projects 2016


Envisioning Cryptonomy

Launched September 26


Envisioning Autonomous Defense

Launching November 9

Pending Platform Partnerships

Space Technology Accelerator

Data-driven Technology Publication

Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences

Patent Consultation Intelligence


Find out about new research and releases.


Collaborative Technology Intelligence Platform

Envisioning is the world’s first collaborative platform for technology intelligence.

We organize publically available data and share structured information with platform members.


Data Visualization

Data within the platform is displayed visually.
This allows for greater comprehension of content and appreciation of its inherent complexities.


Crowd Intelligence

We investigate technology from varied sources,
mixing multiple expertises to generate a balanced evaluation.



Technology Mapping

We map a broad array of data types.


Open Methodology

Our methodology combines crowd intelligence with subject-area expertise.
We analyse data by quantifying multiple vectors of technological growth.


Readiness Assessment

We employ multiple assessment models to represent technology as a function over time.


Research Experience

Our database is populated by technology research in multiple sectors.



A global alliance of partners ensure sustained platform growth.

Support takes many forms


Partnership Fields


Partnership Benefits


Partners ensure sustained growth


Platform data principles

How we expect to share platform data


Platform Features



  • Database application with web access
  • 100+ emerging technology entries
  • 100+ organization entries
    Startups, Experts, Institutions
  • 1.000+ attachments
    References, Sources

6+ months


  • Organization-wide access to platform
  • 1.000+ technologies
  • 1.000+ organizations
  • 10.000+ attachments

12+ months


  • Organization integration
    API & SDK
  • Public access of content



  • Readiness level assessment
  • Metadata
    Clusters, Tags
  • Language
    Synonyms, Descriptions, Summaries


  • Additional assessment levels
    NASA TRL, Gartner Hype Cycle, etc
  • Additional Metadata
    Technology-technology links, etc
  • Additional Language
    Multiple language-descriptions, etc


  • Wikipedia
    Semantic identification of Wikipedia links



  • Private access database
  • User-created interactive visualization


  • Public access database
  • Printed card generation
  • Printed poster generation
  • Technology Collections


  • Multiple interactive visualizations
  • Multiple print generators
  • Mobile Application



  • Dozens of subject-area experts using Envisioning methods for classifying and analysing technologies on demand
  • Database edit history


  • Crowds of multiple expert types classifying, analysing and evaluating technologies constantly
  • Database analytics


  • Crowd and machine intelligence analysing technologies in real time


  • 100+ registered experts


  • 100+ Expert Profiles with LinkedIn integration
  • Expert-Technology links


  • Envisioning Research Fellows

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