A tide of technology — cryptocurrencies, P2P economies, payment APIs — is reshaping the world before our very eyes. We rarely memorize, wait in line, rewind, unfold, print or phone anymore. There has never been a better time to map the phenomenon of human innovation, and there is no better place to start with than with money.



Yes, money is a technology. From beads to gold, it has changed shape, and from changing hands to routing data, its transfer has accelerated, expanded & multiplied. The internet has unlocked vast networks, new behaviors and inventive systems that are redefining the concept of value.

Envisioning has created a free PDF briefing explaining our unique perspective of technological disintermediation applied to money. We showcase four distinct future scenarios, highlight the products and services investing in change & the technologies that shape them.

Scan our free briefing to understand how technology is a fundamental force shaping industries, economies and humanity.

As we developed the briefing, we also charted changes in money and power over time. We couldn’t help but turn it into a stunning infographic. Click through for a full version and download links. Share it with esteemed colleagues and sworn enemies -- lead the conversation on money.