Everything is accelerating


Exponential technological growth is directly affecting industries and shifting economies.
Envisioning is a new type of organization, designed to share intelligence with a global audience.

We build tools to navigate complexity.
We  produce research with public and private institutions.
We openly share our methodology, code and content.
We aim to clarify foresight by studying the object of technology.



Technology data visualization


Our work is strictly methodological. We document processes and discuss best practices with experts in a number of industries.

Our approach blends traditional expert-oriented forecasting with crowd intelligence. We combine individual opinions with data-driven, statistical models. Enthusiasts and experts collaborate to develop methods for anticipating technology-driven change before it happens.

Work is delivered as interactive user experiences, on screen or in person. 


  • Distinguish sci-fi from sci-fact
  • Discover what's ahead
  • Determine technological strategy
  • Deliver intelligence



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We actively collaborate with professionals across multiple fields. Collaborators share a passion for making sense of technology and engage with Envisioning by responding to requests for talent within the network. Work takes place in small, virtual teams, following our methodologies.




We work with organizations of all kinds and places.



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